Economic Effect Of Fire Fighting

The economic effect of fire fighting is evaluated basing an analysis if the amount of property and lives which are saved against the failed firefighting executions that have led to wastage of resources. Communities have over time recognized and appreciated the heroic efforts of fire fighters which result in property and lives being saved. The goals developed by firefighting departments have been achieved through rapid response to fire scenes and increasing their availability to fire scenes. A total of successful interventions were recorded in 42 fires which were found to be affecting over 52 organizations and commercial buildings by the end of 2013. The study did show that an approximate of 7446 jobs was saved in the course of year. Having succeeded in these fire operations to keep business in operations, it saved the state an estimated $295.6 million in terms of personal disposable incomes. However, In the event that these 42 fire operations had not been successful, it is estimated that the revenues of the state would have fallen by an estimated $35 million.

Basing on the above statistics without firefighting interventions to ensure that the wild, domestic and commercial building fires are fought, there are far reaching effects which are bound to being realized. The British economy did record a total of one billion pounds in the total gross domestic product and over 5000 full times jobs from 2008 to the end of 2013 through fire that would be prevented. Further analysis shows that the country loses over 230 million pounds per year in terms of business failure, 1000 both direct and indirect jobs through fires through both business failure and disruptions. The Treasury was found to have been hit by a loss of over 160 million pounds and over 135000 tones of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere with it s far reaching health implications on human beings.

The above statistics are testament to the fact that fire fighting has a number of economic benefits. These economic benefits range from the a reduction in the loses in terms of GDP, taxes, business stales, loss of jobs and a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. In conclusion, it can be affirmed that, firefighting is worth an investment in any state in the bid to realizing a reduction in the losses incurred through fires.

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