Accomplishment Or Event That Marked Your Transition To Adulthood

Preparation is the essence of a good essay. Before you start writing, think about the topic and what you want to say. Since the topic is given in a written exam, you are familiar with the subject matter and the task at the beginning. Choose an event that you already know about and that really interests you. It is always easier to edit something you are interested in. Then you are thinking about the concrete content and write your thoughts on the topic. A mind map can help to structure the key points. It is not bad if you do not have a precise meaning for some linguistic means.

The introduction introduces the reader to the topic of the essay and provides him with the most important information. This includes the type of the essay (interpretation, discussion, etc.), and a brief description of the content. Analyzes and your own opinion have nothing to look for in the introduction. Important: Keep as short as possible! The introduction should never take more than five to ten percent of the whole essay. The main part is the centrepiece of the essay. The most important actions, all interpretations and explanations belong to this part. Be careful not only to name but also to analyze. Your own opinion must not be expressed yet. Like the introduction, the end can not be more than five to ten per cent of the entire essay. You summarize your results briefly and give your own opinion. No new ideas should be introduced. A crisp sentence with the most important insight from the main part completes your essay. Do not write about the question, but answer the question. Do not write about what other people have written, but write something yourself. The essay is not intended to be an overview of the existing conceptions or the literature. Do not give an overview of the existing views, but defend a view and criticize the others. Make sure you know the relevant opinions and arguments and take into account your argument.

An essay does not deal with texts and not with thoughts which other people have thought, but with an event you have remembered and which changed something. Say everything you have to say to a point in one place. For every thought which belongs to the essay, find the right place in the essay, and develop it completely, without being interrupted by other thoughts, and in the necessary detail. (Sometimes it is also helpful to say the same in two different ways.) So do not: two sentences with one thought, then two with another thought, then another sentence with the first thought. Avoid the reader having to gather the fragments of a thought from different places. Avoid repetitions. Do not swab. Write concise, i. short. Do not write anything that does not answer the question. Everything you write should have its place in the train of thought. Each paragraph is intended to make a statement that will help you develop your answer; Each sentence is intended to make a statement which serves the statement of the paragraph. Check each sentence to see if there is a good reason why it could not be omitted or shortened. Visit myHomeworkDone to get expert help.

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