Reflect On A Time When You Challenged A Belief Or Idea

To write about a challenged belief or idea, we need the framework of an experience. An experience story always consists of three parts. An introduction, the main part and the conclusion. The story has to be the most exciting here. But we start with the introduction. In the introduction, you write who's in the story. Now it has to be exciting. For this we need the following characteristics:

  1. We should write down the thoughts and feelings of the main characters.
  2. And we should write down the conversations of the chief figures. 3.We should also describe an event in detail with many adjectives.

Every beginning is hard. Many students are aware of this when they are supposed to write an essay on paper. They lack the incentive idea to find an entry and to overcome their writing blockade. To arrange the thoughts and conjure up a readable text is however not so difficult with the following tips. A good preparation is everything. Keep a so-called brainstorming and put your ideas together! For example, a mind map can help you. The quality of your ideas does not matter in this step. Possibly inferior ideas may later develop into diamonds among your ideas. Therefore: Write down every thought! You have created a small list of ideas for your text. Now you should check whether you can group equivalent or similar points into a section. A text in which repetitions are constantly creeping in the content is not evidence of high quality. Some ideas may seem ingenious, but they may not offer enough material to be elaborated. So do not be afraid to reject them rigorously! The quality of a text suffers from weak statements, which is why they should always be sorted out. Put your ideas in a meaningful order! Nothing reads worse than a text without a red thread. A structure in your essay, on the other hand, delights the reader. It is therefore worthwhile to invest a little more time here.

Before you write wildly on it, you should build the sentences before in the spirit. This way you avoid confusing, incoherent passages and can foresee whether you are experiencing difficulties. Now is the time to put the words on paper. In order to give the reader the joy of reading, you should pay attention to a pleasant reading flow. Avoid word repetitions, too long sentences and confused sentence constructions! Use synonyms and passing phrases to connect text parts meaningfully! It is important that you always offer the reader a value. Therefore, avoid unnecessary speeches! Ultimately, quality rather than quantity matters.

If you want to tell others something, it is important that you listen to the audience or readers with your narrative and make them curious. In doing so, you should consider how to start, whether your story has a climax and with which you end it. The time form is usually the preterit. However, you should also know how to keep the interest of the reader all the time. This way, you will have a great essay.

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