The Importance Background, Identity, Interest, Or Talent

Writing about yourself or something you are really good at, always involves a healthy degree of self-reflection. The way an essay can be written depends on whether it is a factual representation or a description. An essay consists of an introduction, a main part, and the conclusion. In doing so, a stress curve is built, which finds its climax in the last third of the main part. In an essay about yourself, you should use a special form when writing. In the introduction, general questions such as "who", "where", "when", "why" are answered. An introduction usually consists of two to three sentences and should be kept as general as possible. The main part is followed by the personal presentation of the CV or a certain section of life. Here you should try to highlight special events and create sensations. In the key part, you give an outlook on your further life. This can be short-term or long-term. Name your future goals which you want to achieve.

You can consider an essay about yourself as a description of the CV. Instead of points, the individual stations of your life are written down in sentences. Note the chronological order. Do not just name factual facts, but also involve emotions. For example, you can name your school entrance not only by the date, but also emotionally describe it: "With great eyes and full tension, I entered my school on June 5, 2000 which I left again 10 years later with a successful degree . " Consider the essay as a self-reflection and also describe weaknesses. Make sure you have an outlook on how to fix them. You can also handle problems that you have overcome. Distinguish the reason for the essay: As an application letter for a company the objective part should prevail, as self-reflection you can embellish the essay.

The most important part is to describe your current situation. Name the relevant stations of your CV, and, if available, underpins project examples that are of interest to the position. At this point, you can describe your most important qualifications and skills. Afterwards, you can summarize your professional and personal competences as a result of your previous career. You can also talk about your goals. For example:"I would now like to use the experiences of my studies, the internships, as well as my Bachelor thesis and apply them to my new position”.

Make sure that there is a link between the stations, make a reference to the targeted position. Ultimately for a successful essay, the highest possible consistency between your qualifications and the requirements of the written examinations is, as far as possible, similar to the requirements profile. In general, it is also worthwhile to be honest and open at the paper. Gaps in the CV, which are longer than four months, should be presented objectively. Do not try to conceal something, justify yourself, or even invent experiences. You should be able to provide more details on request, or deepen your description.

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